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Update/Overwrite/Append Data Options for Contact Property Fields

Basically for each property I want 3 options to choose from:
1) Update value if blank
2) Append to value
3) Overwrite value


Sample use case(s):
Append Option: Notes Field
I have a comments field on my contact form where someone sends us a query. If that contact later submits another query I don't want to lose the previous info from my records. I want to see the new information appended to that field.  (Can't keep creating new properties and using smart properties). 


Overwrite Option 
Standard as happens curently with most fields, if a contact enters a new phone number it overrides the previous data to keep it updated with the latest information.


Update if Blank option - Lead Source
When a lead comes in, I assign the Lead Source to it, but I only want that updated if there is no previous Lead Source assigned to it. I don't want subsequent forms to overwrite the value. Smart Field(s) works only partially because if I use the API to submit forms, smart fields do not stop it from being overwritten.



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Need this for append options.


6 years later...

We need this feature too, in connection with forms.



It is disheartening to see that the problem was brought up in 2017 and six years later, in 2023, no resolution has been found.


Cant beileve this is not possible

WOuld be hugely helpful for transferring our system from dynamics to hubspot and now will need tobe manual


Appending multiple checkboxes on a form is crucial to most companies. It should definitely be an option

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+ 1


Need the ability to append data to properties other than multi-select checkboxes. Most notably, we need to be able to append comments into a notes field exactly as the original requester described.


@Dylan -- for context, every single idea currently in beta status has fewer upvotes than this idea.




I wouldn't classify this as a feature; rather, the current behavior appears more akin to a bug. From my perspective, enabling users to fully overwrite database records via web forms, without the ability to prevent this, is a rather risky proposition. Introducing a straightforward checkbox option within the form builder to append data instead of overwriting could effectively address this issue.


This would be a perfect solution for the Playbook problem we're having as well.

Since Playbook activity does not transfer in any way to a duplicate Deal (which is the only way for it to enter the Onboarding Pipeline without removing it from the Sales Pipeline), we have to manually visit the original Deal to see Playbook contents. The only option then is to update Properties ... but if you update Properties via the Playbook, it overwrites instead of adding to any existing text.


We have a similar case where existing contact or company properties shouldn't be updated with every new form submission.

Our case: we ask for campaign criteria - and some customers want to submit different campaign settings. 

So it would be very helpful if the first entry wouldn't be overwritten but added to the field.