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Update/Overwrite/Append Data Options for Contact Property Fields

Basically for each property I want 3 options to choose from:
1) Update value if blank
2) Append to value
3) Overwrite value


Sample use case(s):
Append Option: Notes Field
I have a comments field on my contact form where someone sends us a query. If that contact later submits another query I don't want to lose the previous info from my records. I want to see the new information appended to that field.  (Can't keep creating new properties and using smart properties). 


Overwrite Option 
Standard as happens curently with most fields, if a contact enters a new phone number it overrides the previous data to keep it updated with the latest information.


Update if Blank option - Lead Source
When a lead comes in, I assign the Lead Source to it, but I only want that updated if there is no previous Lead Source assigned to it. I don't want subsequent forms to overwrite the value. Smart Field(s) works only partially because if I use the API to submit forms, smart fields do not stop it from being overwritten.



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Yes please! I have numerous workflows and reporting issues due to form fields overwriting their previous submission. Would be great to have the option within adding the property to the form to simply check a "append" option so we can capture ALL the data. Thanks!


Here is the temporary workaround we have implemented until Hubspot adds this capability:


Form submissions typically have some kind of workflow attached to the backend. So when the Form is filled out, we have a property that captures the data we want (think of it as an inbox), either hidden or not. Then a second property stores all the values (filing the data away), but does not show up in the form.


When the workflow runs, it copies the data from the form submission property (inbox), and appends it to the second stored property (file).


Hopefully, when "append" is added to the form submission capabilities, we can switch to using the second property that stores all the values in forms without the extra steps.

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Our hack is to not use Records Customization. Instead:


1) use Conversations Inbox - the Form submission comes in so you can see all the details.


2) If the client wants automated tickets, you can see "Form Submissions" on the Ticket Record.


3) If the client wants to use Records Customization, build a workflow on the "Ticket Closed" Status that resets those property fields. 


Using the Conversations Inbox is a good idea for support tickets, but when using lead capture pages, or re-conversion outside of the support hub, The conversations is overkill.

ex. Tracking Marketing event Registration and Attendance. A hidden field in the Form can add the event ID to a contact record, then this event ID is logged in the second property. Automating simple recordkeeping can save the manual effort of checking 100 entries.

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@Alysha_TW  very creative, but not something that would work in our organization - our form submissions are in the hundreds a month and are all managed through automation and lead assignment rules etc.  


We have only just discovered that the importing functionality has been not working the way we thought, with regards to properties that are multiple select drop down.


When importing data, if you are importing records which have a value that is a multiple select drop down property, during the import process, when you are asked if you want to overwrite the value, and you specify no to overwrite values, it not import the value at all (i.e. it does not import and append the value). Per this HubSpot knowledge base documentation, selecting the Don't override existing value checkbox ensures the import will not update that property for any records that have the value. Any new records or existing records with no value for that property will be updated


To add or append values to a multiple checkboxes property in an import, there are two workaround options:
(1) add a semicolon before the first value, and then, between each additional value (;value 2;value 3; value 4) in your import file. These value options must be created in your property prior to the import (KB)
(2) Import the data without importing the property in question, then
 filter the contacts you are hoping to add this property value to in your portal by using the import id, and bulk edit their property value (Contacts > Contacts > all filters > select the checkbox next to name > select all records > edit)


To do either of these workarounds each time we import, where we have with several fields of this type is going to be time consuming! Ideally, we just want to import and append values, without overwriting the existing values

Please add the append feature for customizing contact and company properties. Adding information to objects in lieu of this feature is very clunky.

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Would be a great addition. 


Please append properties in forms.

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Wondering why you can't chose the Don't Overwrite option when you are importing a file that includes the record ID.  We need an option to NOT update certain fields if a value already exists - even when mapping the record ID


That option wasn't available when this thread was first created 5 years ago. The choosing not to update function is still pretty weak in my opinion. You should at least be able to say update if field is blank. And to not update if field is known. Still have to use InSycle to achieve that.

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Do I start a new thread on this topic?

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Yes please


Yes please.




Yes, please! Facing this with our zapier integration as well - if a lead converted on Content A and then Content B, the Content B source information (custom properties) is overwriting the source information from Content A. 






This is a huge need. Amazing that after 5 years the ability to do this still hasn't been considered. Need a way for a form submission property to be filled in if blank or don't update if field is known. Would require too many workflows for all of the different properties used on various forms.


Please add this functionality!