Update/Overwrite/Append Data Options for Contact Property Fields


Basically for each property I want 3 options to choose from:
1) Update value if blank
2) Append to value
3) Overwrite value


Sample use case(s):
Append Option: Notes Field
I have a comments field on my contact form where someone sends us a query. If that contact later submits another query I don't want to lose the previous info from my records. I want to see the new information appended to that field.  (Can't keep creating new properties and using smart properties). 


Overwrite Option 
Standard as happens curently with most fields, if a contact enters a new phone number it overrides the previous data to keep it updated with the latest information.


Update if Blank option - Lead Source
When a lead comes in, I assign the Lead Source to it, but I only want that updated if there is no previous Lead Source assigned to it. I don't want subsequent forms to overwrite the value. Smart Field(s) works only partially because if I use the API to submit forms, smart fields do not stop it from being overwritten.



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@RZhang brings up a 2nd point that is also a big flaw of Hubspot - the note card that sits in contact's newsfeeds is completely unlinked from any notes field in the contact properties, so those notes cannot be reported on, cannot be shown as previews from other objects, cannot be exported, basically cannot be treated like a field in any way. The note cards also create separate instances each time you take a note, and these cannot be linked or appended together.

This causes misalignment between sales and marketing, because marketing often creates a notes property on contact objects that appears in the left-hand sidebar on contacts in order to view and report on notes from anywhere, but the UI prompts sales to leave notes in the unusable note cards that appear in contact newsfeeds, where information gets lost and buried underneath reems of contact activity that happens after those notes.


Hubspot's notes set-up leads to a loss of context and data for go to market teams, diminshed collaboration, and increased organizational friction between marketing and sales.


This is a huge issue for our use cases and creates so much manual work on our end that it's debilitating. 


adding a big ol' +1 to this!! this is also entirely unrelated to the import tool also - not satisfied that the most recent reply to this actually understands the issue in this thread.


for our use case; we'd love to be have something like this in order to work reliably with the profitwell integration. 


for some of our bigger customers; they could have several teams / departments with individual accounts and stripe subscriptions - all of which map to *unique contacts* in hubspot that are associated to the *same company*. we'd love to be able to:


1) roll up the MRR for multiple contacts associated to a single company, to get an overall figure. currently, we have a workflow that copies the value from the contact to the associated company, and the profitwell fields are simply overwritten to match the most recently altered subscription.


2) list the plan types associated with the customer, rather than them being overwritten, such that we can use "where Plans (Profitwell) contains <plan_name>" with confidence.


in it's current state, we're working under the knowledge that hubspot will also be fluctuating around the truth, rather than being able to provide it reliably


This feature is desperately needed. Especially in the case of form fill outs and keeping a history of what was logged in properties in the past. I find this is an issue across the hubspot platform as well (for example, the recurring revenue analytics tools update the revenue value for monthly recurring revenue even for past dates once you update the amount). It basically erases the old data which is sometimes vital for historical account knowledge and reporting in some cases.




The values of the multiples checkboxes gets overwritten by the new values of any subsequent forms submission. We need the ability to append values globally on any properties!


We found a workaround to this...


2 new fields:-

- 'field'

- 'field history'


On form submission 'field' is updated

Workflow triggered on changes to 'field', ie. When 'field' is Known

Trigger webhook to append 'field' to 'field history' prepended with a comma

So that 'field history' lists all changes to 'field' separated by a comma

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Yes I think the Append, especially for Multi Select checkboxes is a major hole in the CRM functionality. I know there are ways to do it with workflows but this function should be in Lists when bulk editing and in Forms.