Update Date Properties Dynamically Through Workflow


The Deal Workflow currently only has two ways to update a Date Property:

  • Static Date - a Fixed Date
  • Date of Step - Date when the action was executed

Ask: To be able to update Deal Date properties dynamically in a Workflow, where the close date, start date & end date of a deal will automatically update when a date is in the past. For instance, update a Deal Date property to "20 days from today's date" or "last wednesdays in the month". 
These dates should be set immediately and not on the date the action is executed.


Today is 5/16. And there is an active deal with a close date of 5/15, a start date of 6/1 and an end date of 10/1, dates should be  dynamically and immediately updated to 1-month out from those original dates through the Workflow. So now close date is now 6/15, start date is 7/1, and end date is 11/1.

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There have been several times where our team wanted to do this exact thing.  The other way we considered getting around it was to use "increase contact property value" to increase the date by a certain amount of time, but unfortunately this didn't work either.


My use case for this was specific to the close date on open deals being a date in the past.

Our solution, for now, was to say if the deal is open and the close date is more than 0 days ago, set the close date to the date of step.


This means the close dates on our deals get updated each day automatically.


This solution won't work for all use cases, but if you simply want to avoid having open deals with close dates in the past, this works.

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My use case would be to have the Close Date update to 60 days out once the deal hits a certain deal stage. 


Basically, I'd like to automatically update the Closing date of a Deal, based on Stage. For example, when the Stage is set as Appointment scheduled, the Closing date shall be set automatically as to +12 months. When the Stage becomes Evaluating, then the Closing date shall update as of +2 months from the moment the deal enters that stage. This could be achievable with workflows. Currently, within workflows, we can only set date properties to be a Static date, or the Date of step., which is not enough.


We would love this. As a way to project revenue, we'd like to have an 'estimated delivery date' property automatically update to 30 days from the close date from when a deal is moved to closed-won.


This would be great for us as well. In addition to the use cases outlined previously, we would like to be able to set a specific date property in a workflow to 7 days from step date. We are offering a signing bonus that expires 7 days from the time a specific action happens. 


I'll chime in here with another use case for this. My client sells annual agreements. We have a specific field for the Effective Date or Start Date. When a deal is won, we take all of the relevant fields (qty, seat pricing etc) and auto create a new deal. However, we need to set the effective date 12 months from the previous deal effective date. Currently I have a workaround where I create the new deal with the effective date of the old deal, then pull the effective date into zapier and use the Zapier Date/Time and Add/Subtract time functionality to advance the date 12 months. It works, but pulling it in to Zapier is frustrating, and requires a zapier professional subscription for the multi-step process.


Yes, we want to be able to set certain dates automatically based on formulas (set close dates 9 months from deal creation) for example. Salesforce allows you to use simple formulas - why isn't that option available in Hubspot?

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I'm surprised this is not available right now! I would simply like to default the Close Date of a Deal to 60 days from the Creation Date of the Deal using the Workflow, for one of my clients.


Clearly would be very handy to increase/decrease Dates for several use cases.


We also have a need for this. Our use case is to automatically set an estimated close date, based on the company / deal size (i.e. large deals 90 days / smaller deals 60 days), so being able to update a Deal Date property to "x number" of days from today's date (or another date property) would be really helpul!