Unsubscribe link page - matching what the user has opted into

With the upcoming drive to improve the way user's can control their subscription preferences as a result of GDPR discussions, I'm finding the unsubscribe link page quite difficult to get my head around from a user perspective.


If using multiple email types (e.g. events, general marketing and blog subscription), at the moment a person may have just opted in for the blog subscription and not the others, so internally we have a list that they have done so.


But if they then go to the unsubscribe link, it shows all email types ticked automatically.


Whilst I'm not sure this is breaking any laws current or upcoming (not a lawyer so please correct me if I'm wrong), it seems pretty illogical from a user perspective. Surely if I had only opted in for blog subscription, it would only have blog subscription ticked and when I went to manage preferences I could either untick that, or tick other ones to opt in.


Ultimately, there seems to be a big disconnect between this page, and any opt in measures that companies are trying to take via tick boxes and lists.


The way I'm solving it currently? Looking at just having 'marketing emails' as the email type, and then using internal lists and check boxes on forms to manage preferences, but this is not ideal, especially for the subscribers point of view.

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 There's an ongoing discussion about this and GDPR in general in this thread: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Email-Marketing/GDPR/m-p/176853#M947 


I've raised this concern with our Account Manager, who then escalated it to the development team. Neither had a solid reason as to why it's done this way or when/if it'll be changed. With GDPR having contacts auto-opted in for all forms of email types is against policy, so I can't see how they can keep it this way once GDPR comes into effect.