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Unsubscribe from a single email or Campaign

It would be great to give contacts the ability to unsubscribe from an email campaign rather than having them unsubscribe from an entire database or via Subscription types.


Our Use Case: As an events company we currently use subscription types for a wider 'interest' community of contacts ie Data Management and Analytics.


Each 'interest' community has multiple events that run throughout the year, and therefore, multiple email campaigns that will run at any one time to that same community.


Using the subscription types for the wider interest community is great because it allows contacts to choose what information they want to receive and allows them to get information from multiple communities.


The problem is that if someone wants to unsubscribe from emails for one event, that might not be so relevant for them, they currently would need to unsubscribe from the community. This then means they may miss out on communications for another event that will be relevant for them.


Having a way for a contact to unsubscribe from an email campaign would give a whole lot more flexibility and add value to our contacts.. I believe this function is available for those people that use Pardot.