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Unsend Email in the HubSpot Email Platform

We need this option! Unless we send from Gmail, we cannot "unsend" from Hubspot. Using HubSpot to send emails is a better option for me and I need a way to "unsend" from the platform. 

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This would give me more confidence to send emails directly from Hubspot, instead of bouncing over to Gmail like we do currently.  This alone I suspect would materially increase usage and stickability of the Hubspot product.


This critical feature was requested back in 2020 and it's important enough to be worth whatever bureaucracy may be involved. ^_^

So please consider our request diligently.


Comments/Notes are Everything when it comes to delivering a solid support experience. "Document everything" is the golden rule, but my team is deathly afraid of the comment feature after replying to a user/client instead of commenting on their case.


Here is one suggestion about how unsending can be added to the HubSpot inbox.

hubspot feature unsend.jpg

The mockup was done in MS Paint, so um, try to look past that.


The vertical ellipsis contains "Convert Reply to Comment" and could just as well contain "Send Now", leaving only "Unsend" in the open. I imagine the countdown to be configurable, but if it gets the feature into our hands faster, we'd probably all be happy with about 5 minutes with the option to Send Now. It's probably enough time to rush to someone's office and tell them to unsend their message right away.


Thanks for your time. I hope that this will be implemented soon; our team needs it.


Hubspot just double sent an email for me and I couldn't unsend 😞 now i look crazy to this contact🤪🤪


Just 2 days ago we desperately needed an unsend function. We had a support case where it wasn't clear from the explanation what was going "wrong". After confessing that it is a bug and then sending the reply, we quickly realized that there was another way to view the issue outside of the user's description of it. Then we realized that it wasn't a bug but that the user misinterpreted what was going on.


Unsending would have helped avoid the mess that resulted. The case was for a larger client who regularly contacts support and in this case, was in contact with a new face that we'd like existing clients to trust as one of our experts.


Also, Hubspot caused an issue for me that made me look pretty dumb, and I couldn't unsend the message though I noticed the issue as soon as it was sent.


I've been having an issue with adding and removing images in email conversations. I sometimes get 2 instances of the image, and not necessarily where I initially added it. There are only 2 image elements in total, but sometimes the original one moves somehow to another place and puts a copy either above or below itself. I can delete one image but the other refuses to be deleted. When I send the reply, the image isn't there anymore.


This somehow hid text from me as well. So I rewrote the text and sent the reply. This resulted in 2 lines of almost verbatim text but with minor differences (so that it's obvious that it was written twice by hand).


Wish I could unsend that one.


Yes, totally agree. Looking forward to this being added soon 🤞


This is so needed!


Yes, I already wrote to HubSpot about this, but they suggested writing it here again.


After this request was sent 2 years ago and still hasn't got any reply from HubSpot, I'm doubtful if this even gets its way to them..

Still, I would appreciate an unsend button 


I need this feature!


Please add this @hubspot 


Seriously, how is this not a thing yet?


Yes, this would be a wonderful feature! We send a lot of sales promos to our existing customers and people make mistakes so it would be nice to unsend something!