Unsend Email in the HubSpot Email Platform


We need this option! Unless we send from Gmail, we cannot "unsend" from Hubspot. Using HubSpot to send emails is a better option for me and I need a way to "unsend" from the platform. 

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I totally agree! I've needed that feature on multiple occasions.


This would be extremely helpful. Accidentally send an email? Click "unsend" to bring it back and make the changes you need before sending it. 


This is really helpful.  I just sent an email to a different person. 

As it is, when you send an email from a deal, the default recipient is the contact associated with it. Trying to create a new email and send it to another colleague with feedback and all, AND sent it to the associated contact instead!


This is a needed feature in Hubspot and standard in most other emailing platforms.

Would prevent me from having to leave Hubspot just to send 1:1 emails.  

Think of how much time would be saved if you did not have to leave Hubspot just to send a personal email. 

Save so much timeSave so much time