Unit of time within a report


HubSpot does not currently have a functionality that will allow you to select the desired unit of time within a report.


Our company has KPI's we try to hit each quarter and having the most accurate information is vital to keeping track of the data.  We rely heavily on reporting for many of our KPI's. 


An example of one of the KPI's revolves around efficiency and we require to know how much time a rep is on a chat with each customer.  Is it 3 minutes? Or 2 minutes and 48 seconds?  Right now Hubspot only shows us in the nearest minute, rounded up. We need it to show us the exact time.  Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. 


It would be great if this functionality could be added as a feature! Thank you. 

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Status updated to: In Planning

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Status updated to: In Planning
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