Unique links for files accessible via forms & CTAs

One of the main use of forms and CTAs for us is to direct the audience to a PDF (guide, ebook etc.). In order to access the file, they have to fill in a form and then they're transferred onto a thank you page with a CTA or go directly to the file URL. At the moment, the file URL can be copied and shared without going via form / thank you page.


It'd be very useful if the forms or CTAs could create unique or personalised links so that the files can't be shared without a form sign up. Otherwise, once someone has access to the file, they can share it directly with colleagues etc. and we won't be able to capture any new leads. Also, the files urls can be picked up by Google which may then display them in the search results - and that's the end to capturing leads for this specific resource as they may get it directly without filling in a form... 

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