Unique identifier for Deal records

This is database common sense - any object needs a unique identifier. We are not the only ones having issues with this lack. 


This would help in a lot of ways:

  1. Allow other systems to identify the correct Deal - prevent duplicates. This is a huge miss, and a major block preventing us from utilizing HubSpot's CRM at all. 
  2. Enable quick and definitive searches. 
  3. Enable accurate reporting. Even if we were to do our reporting outside of HubSpot, this is needed to link Deals to any other object, like Contacts/Companies/etc.

Other posts on the Ideas forum present a similar suggestion but with more limited application:



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Yes, I totally need this too. So we have a lot of unique properties, some belong on contact and some belong on deal. But when I export all the data to do analysis outside of HubSpot, I have nothing the use a VLOOKUp with for example.


It would be great if a contact had an ID that is carried over to related deals - although you can have more that one deal per contact, I could work around that if I can only match them up!

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HubSpot Moderator

Hi @Karena and @TracySteel,


I'm happy to let you all know that Deal ID is now included as a property on all deals. This ID can be searched and used in views, just like any other property. The Deal ID is generated automatically when a deal is created, and will be created in sequential order. This ID is also uneditable. 


- Dylan  

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Thanks for the update, @Dylan; this is great news!

I've been talking with some of your employees and it seems that #1 (use the Deal ID to prevent duplicates from integrations) still isn't possible. Is that right?

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@Dylan thanks, this is really handy. I also need to match up deals with contacts on data exports, is that something that can be done? Although deals can be many to one contact, you could make a function where deal IDs are stored to contact property but if there is more than one, to add another so there will be a list..?

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Hi there,


I am working on an integration with Hubspot, and kind of having the same issue. Even with the searchable Deal Id, I still need to know if there is a field or combination of fields that would make a deal unique. For instance, in contacts we have the email address, if I try to create the same contact again, the system won't allow based on the existence of the email address. But what about deals? I do test the API calls over and over again, and when I do it for deals, I end up having lots of duplications because it won't recognize the deals as being the same, even when I'm sending the exact same data. 

Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?


Thank you so much in advance,