Unique Form Submission Emails without Progressive Profile Data

Submitting on behalf of Mike Rizzo:


"I don't want to have my form submissions email alerts include data from previous form submissions.


Each and every form needs to only alert us of the items that were filled in.


This is an essential component to ticket management and the functionality needs to exist.


If someone comes to my site and submits a form a second time (or more times) and decided NOT to fill in an "optional field", then I don't want to see an email alert with details from prior submissions.


It's like getting a demo request once and someone puts info into a "more details field" and then someone comes back 9 months later and fills out that form again but decided not to put in details on "more details". I don't need to confuse the reps on what that person wants now vs what they wanted 9 months ago, PLEASE make it so we can have email notifications sent with only the MOST RECENT submission data."

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