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Unify and streamline folders



I noticed there are a few separate requests for folders in separate areas of Hubspot, but couldn't find a more general idea like this, so I figured, let's create something new. Sorry it's not as specific, but I feel like in practice, this could all be 1 big improvement epic.


As a marketing and admin user, I'd like folder functionality to:


A) work the same across Emails, Landing pages, Workflows, Contact Lists and anything else where there's more than one of it. 


Currently, I can create subfolders for emails, but not for landing pages. This is tedious, as our projects are usually divided and organized across more than one axle.

For example:


Events/Event 1

Events/Event 2


Or even deeper:


Evergreen Campaigns/Evergreen 1/Landing Pages

Evergreen Campaigns/Evergreen 1/Confirmation Pages




B) make the folders actually behave like folders in a file system (like Finder or Windows Explorer).


For example with emails: right now, I can create folders til I'm blue in the face, but the default view is always the root list of everything, no matter where these emails are actually stored. I have to click Folders, then navigate to the folder the email(s) I'm working on is/are in, every time the emails list loads.


This last bit is crucial and really annoying for general workflow speed. I experienced these two annoying things today:

  • I'm working on some changes for a set of campaign emails that a campaign manager gave me. So I go to the folder I sorted them in, open an email to edit it, save it, but then there's only the back to all emails dashboard button, which takes me back to the List view with all emails unsorted. I have to go back to Folders and navigate back to the folder I was in if I want to work on other emails in the same folder. 
  • I needed to clone an email 10 times, within the context of a single campaign. But clicking Clone on an email A) opens the new cloned email straight away, forcing me to go back to the folder via that long route, and B) places the cloned email in the root (!) rather than in the same folder that the original was in. 


To summarize: for daily operation I'd love it if there was a unified folder system across all assets, that behaves more like you'd expect from a folder system:

  • easily copy/paste files
  • merge list/folder views into one, with folders above unsorted files
  • drag/drop items into folders to move them
  • folders within folders
  • navigate back to the folder you were in after editing a file, rather than back to the root


For example, see Eloqua's folder structure. The same unified interface for folders and templates across all assets, and works like you'd expect.

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Agreed. Folders features seems to be implemented inconsistently all over the place in Hubspot. For example in Lists you can toggle between all lists and a folders only view but in Workflows it's just one view of Folders and un-foldered lists, which is irksome.

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Agreed, long overdue.