Unhide prospects feature/ or display "pop-up" to alert that prospects cannot be unhidden

Hi team! As per this knowledge article : https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/prospects/how-can-i-hide-individual-prospects it is not possible to show a hidden prospect after it has been hidden. However, it would be very helpful to either have this option become available or have a pop-up alert you of these consequences before accidentally hiding many prospects. Thanks! 

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The UI as it is now gives the impression that you are hiding Companies from a View, not that this is a permanent action. It is very easy to be working on a view of Prospects and hide current customers -- but we might want to see those current customers in the future, or even in a different view. 

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I agree.   The hidden feature should be a filter which can be removed.    

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I would like the option to view prospects that I "hide" at a later date.  It is not clear that you are permanently deleting these prospects when you say hide.   For example, when you "hide" cells or slides in excel or powerpoint, you always have the option of making them visible again.  This should also be the option in Hubpsot ASAP.