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Uncategorized emails in folder view and more email folder visibility

It would be great to be able to see uncategorized emails in the folder view, as well as seeing the attributed folder structure in the list view. It's incredibly hard to see what folder an email is stored in, or if it's even stored in one. 


In the folder view, uncategorized emails don't appear to live anywhere either. So if you're inheriting a hub that's been through several different people, all who've taken a different approach to naming conventions and keeping things in order, it can make things very difficult.

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Why are nobody collecting the same requests into one area? This specific item has been mentioned 5 to 10 times ... and the answer from HubSpot on one of popular items was pathetic and completely out of sync with how emailbased marketing works.


This seems like a no-brainer request with a simple solution. Just have emails default to the 'Home' directory on creation, or an 'Uncategorised' folder. I like to put everything in folders but if I'm creating lots of assets at once it's easy to forget if I've done it or not.


YES please do this.  It's very hard to organize emails as it is now.


I'm trying to organize all our emails and I can't tell which ones aren't already in a folder. It would be nice to be able to add a column to see what folder the email currently lives in, and if it's not in a folder.