Unbundle your Video Training (HS University) and let us private label it

Make your HubSpot University software available to us to private lablel and use to provide our clients with video training!

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Community Manager

Hey @scottm I'm afraid I don't entirely understand your feature request. Are you looking to share HubSpot Academy content with clients? It is now possible for everyone access to free marketing and sales education and tools with a free HubSpot Academy account. Check it out here

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No. I'm looking for you to make your video training (HubSpot Academy) platform available to those of us who provide training to our clients. In other words make the HS Academy training system a white-labeled product that we can install or add to a subdomain of our own site. We would upload our own training videos into the system "CompanyName Academy"  to sell to our clients. Sort of like teachable.com but done by and integrated with HS. Does that make more sense?