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Un-merging contacts

To be able to unmerge contacts. 


It is often an issue if two different contacts use the same browser, where their activity feed would be combined. To be able to check off which entries you are moving to a new contact, then create that new contact and have those chosen activity fields populate the contact properties would be AMAZING. 


Right now this is a huge inconvenience and manual process to create the new contact, and their activity still shows up on the original contact's page. This messes up analytics. 

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Is there a strong reason why we do not allow unmerging of contact? I understand that we can delete secondary email and re-create a contact but the contact histories will not be restored.


I had installed hubspot on our web app. My data collection for 'non-hubspot' forms was turned on.


Through our web app, customers can invite other users to the platform. 


Everytime a customer would invite a new user, the customer's contact record is getting updated with a new email, and merged. Some contact records have 20 or more emails.


This is why


I agree with this idea. The situation that i encounter is that generally  the contact has a company email (example: and a personal email, and he changes company and someone else takes his place, and continues using that company email "". But when trying to separate the contacts i lose all records related to that email because i have to: 

1. delete email

2. then create contact from scratch


I agree that an unmerge feature for contacts/companies is important. Merging is a simple click of a button, which is great, but in the off chance that an incorrect merging occurs,having an option to unmerge would be ideal. The merge activity shows up in the contact/company activity feed, so it seems an unmerge option is logical. 

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Please develop a way to unmerge contacts. Or, possibly allow for a grace period where a recent merge (i.e. 7 days) can be reverted back to the contact and object IDs that were involved in the merge. This would be a huge win! Thank you.


Yesssss, what scotthAKC said - some sort of grace period would be great! We ran into a situation where a new employee accidentally merged a brand new prospect with an old client, and now we can't sparse out the data. A grace period to be able to unmerge would be a HUGE WIN!

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Commenting and upvoting for a customer. There can be instances whereby a contact merge was done on accident. In such cases, it would certainly be most helpful if there is an option to undo the merge or at least a grace period where undoing the merge is possible like what scotthAKC mentioned!


Agree with all the people above! As a new Hubspot user, I transferred over thousands of contacts from an older CRM and proceeded to merge duplicates. And now I'm looking at a few contacts that were merged incorrectly, and worried that all the activity is going to be lost. It is also tedious to input new info every time there's an incorrectly merged contact. (And if you're merging thousands of duplicates, you will invariably have mistakes). 


If Hubspot can start working on this feature I'd be VERY grateful. Thanks!


Please add this feature. I just lost serious account details and tracked emails because of a mistaken merge.

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This is critical! Please add this functionality


Please add this feature of unmerging as having this would be huge and lead to a better customer experience!


Please add this feature of unmerging as having this would be huge and lead to a better customer experience! This is super critical to improve


Would be great to have this feature. If you can merge you should be able to unmerge

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Yes, please add, human error does occasionally strike. Having an undo function from an area where you see past merged records would be great

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Agreed, an un-merging contact function is very much needed. Best with custom assigning of logs to a particular email. 






This is a really important function to provide, as I just mistakenly merged the records of two customers who have the same name and now, realising my mistake, I can't untangle their details (not to mention the fact that some details have been overwritten and therefore lost!).