UTM Parameters for Google My Business - Lead Source Tracking Fix

Hi All,


Hopefully, most of you are familiar with Google My Business. It's becoming even more important for helping businesses rank locally for key terms.


In order to get better tracking data in Google Analytics, Google encourages you to add UTM parameters to your website URL in Google My Business.


Here's an example of the parameters that we add: ?utm_source=googlemybusiness&utm_campaign=stowkent&utm_medium=organic


Right now, HubSpot does not properly attribute the lead source for people coming to your website and filling out forms from Google My Business. Right now this is classified as "paid search."


This is really throwing off our data in HubSpot right now since we have 10 different locations that want the ability to track traffic in GA from GMB.


Is there any way you can add the specific medium parameter in HubSpot for lead source tracking so that the data is tracked properly?


It's weird but it's not accounted for here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/reports/understand-hubspots-traffic-sources-in-the-traffic-analytics-t...