UTM Link Tracking of Clicks and Form Fills

We recently created a Tracking URL in Hubspot in the hopes of getting insights on the programs we're launching the UTM link for. UTMs are often used to track the performance of campaigns and content. What's currently being provided as a UTM feature doesn't give enough context into how our program is performing--we have no insight to who these people are and if they took action on the page they visited. 


From what I understand, it would be helpful to not strip UTM parameters from visited URLs on contact records. If providing this as a searchable value, we can, at a minimum, have the ability to search for contacts related to this activity and/or create workflows that can sync contacts (who visited the UTM link) into our CRM tool.


At a very minimum, is it possible to update Tracking URL functionality in Hubspot to be reportable (with UTM parameters)?

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What if you created a campaign for this?  Assign the UTM link to the campaign, as well as the landing page and specific CTA.  I've not tried to make a workflow that utulizes a campaign, so not sure if that's possible. But,  you might be able to give these people a custom Contact Property and then reference that property in your workflow.


Just thinking off the top of my head.



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@KeyWestScott after some digging on our own, it looks like we're able to find a way to capture some data from the campaign level (not very intuitive or clear if there are other similar/older UTMs in play). We're also trying to see if an active list using "First Page Seen" or "Last Page Seen" filter with the UTM link will work for exporting to our CRM tool. We're hoping this will help provide some of the insights we needed for the specific program being run. Thanks for your suggestion Scott!

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I'm faced with this issue as well. I created a bunch of tracking links with the intention of tracking traffic sent from a landing page then assigning the contact back to the original salesperson who distributed the content. With the utm parameters stripped, an ambiguous campaign activity, or "first page seen" I can't match the contact to an owner who sent the tracking link.


This should be addressed otherwise campaigns don't really help support any CRM behaviors. They only give a general idea of overall campaign performance.


How about this...


Since each sales person is "distributing" the content.  Assuming that they are sending out a link to the content.  Make a landing page for each person and then track based upon the customer landing on "Jane's page" or "Joe's page" and then assign based on that???  If you have a lot of sales people this may be an overwhelming task, though.