It would be awesome to : 

1. for reports, to take into account the current value of a property + the history of its values. 2. have a property that would count the number of values stored in another property (without going through a workflow)

3. make filters take into account the current value of a property + the history of its values


USE CASE to understand : 

=> We use a property to store the names of events in which a startup has just participated. When a new value is entered in this field, the old value is then entered in the history.


At that moment, if I have a report that looks at the number of startups participating in each event name : since the old name of the event goes into history, this report is biased since the startup is no longer counted in the counter of the old event but just in the new one. (see problem 1)


I would then like to be able to easily see the number of values in the property (here in this case it is to know how many events this company sheet has participated in: current + historical). It would be super cool to have a property that counts the number of values in a property (without going through a workflow that would add +1 to each new value in that property)? (see problem 2)


Finally, for example, when I use a filter: the "Last programming participation" property contains exactly "Startup law - Office Hours - September 2019" to filter a company or contact, Hubspot will only show me companies or contacts that have this value in the property outside the history. All those who have it in history will not appear even though they participated in this event. I would like to be able to see all the contacts or companies that had this value in this property at one time.

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