URGENT: enable DKIM authentication for HubSpot Starter

Hi there,

We recently looked at onboarding a client to Marketing Starter from Mailchimp, all during the time that HubSpot was switching from Basic to Starter. It appears there is a rather concerning lack in functionality that could be a dealbreaker, and isn't indicated anywhere on the pricing page.

I'm sure HubSpot is well aware that without being able to properly authenticate an email sending domain, emails are likely to land exclusively in junk folders, particularly with Outlook, thus rendering one of the major, if not the most important functionalities of the product, rather unfit for purpose. 

This is a basic feature that even Mailchimp does as standard! Why this has been taken away is baffling. I'm told this is a limitation the product team is well aware of, and that my feedback, along with that of other Marketing Starter customers, is being taken into serious consideration - as it should be.

Support could not provide a timeline for re-instating this feature, but doing so should be a real priority in order to make the prodct viable. 

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@Shay This was in line to be finished in Q1, do you have an update on where it's up to? Thanks, Joe

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Hey Joe,


I asked about this a few weeks ago and it's currently in beta.  A HubSpot rep was able to ungate the beta for me.  I instantly saw my open rates go up!


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Hey @kevinbflanagan - thanks for the heads up!


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@JoeDavies I was able to get this ungated today for one of my clients too! So glad this feature is here for Marketing Starter.

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, just a quick update that the ability to connect an email sending domain is now available to all Marketing Hub Starter customers. You can find instructions on how to connect one here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/cos-general/how-to-connect-your-email-sending-dom...


Thanks again for your feedback.