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UI UX and Analytics for Documents tool

  • The widget that shows the total number of pages and the page flip takes too long to load; because of this, your contacts assume that it is only one page instead of multiple pages when they open it.
  • A remedy to this would be to have the side-panel showing all the pages to be open by default. The icon showing 9 squares is also not a clear indicator of scrolling through all the pages.
  • The documents cannot be sorted by "Most Recent View", "Most Views" or "Most Shared". The latter two are in the columns of the Documents tool but we are unable to click on it. As for "Most Recent View", this was something in the previous Documents tool that was relied on a lot.  The current Reports do not show these metrics.
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Re: UI UX and Analytics for Documents tool - changed to: Delivered
January 25, 2018 07:10 PM

Document links now automatically expand the slide drawer upon load to make it clearer that documents have multiple pages!

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Thanks, Casper.  The old Documents reporting was a lot more user-friendly and allowed us to sort most recently viewed documents with many rows.  


The new view only has 10 rows and we need to scoll through page after page to view any details on which documents are being viewed.


The reporting view in the new dashboard UI view is only a few rows. Our sales team now have to cycle through pages 1,2,3,4 to see the data for each document which is crazy.


Such an incredibly poor user experience and UI from your design team. There is limited sorting functionality available now when it is critical to view the most recent documents being view and by whom.


The previous documents UI allowed us to sort documents by (most recently viewed, time) and why whom -- that view allowed us to have a complete snapshot of all of our documents and resources.


You've essentially taken functionality away from us which is totally unacceptable when you customers pay a premium for your product. At the very least you should allow users to switch back to the old view instead of taking it all away. Happy to take this to your management team and speak to them to explain the difficulty this change is causing us.


It would be great if you consulted with your users for feedback before rolling out such extensive changes to sales teams workflows. I don't often give feedback on products we use, but I we feel compelled to do so in this instance, it is that problematic

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Document links now automatically expand the slide drawer upon load to make it clearer that documents have multiple pages!

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It would be great if we could sort the Documents in the Sales Content Analytics area by folders as seen in the main Sales > Documents section as well. 


- Posted on behalf of Shalen De SilvSort by folder.png