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'Typing' icon/gif to appear after first chatbot interaction

Hi there,


Currently, there seems to be a longer than usual wait between the time a person first chats in to the chatbot and the time that the chatbot replies. Upon closer look, the wait is not necessarily longer than that of subsequent messages. Rather, between the first chat in and the first bot response, the 'typing' gif/icon does not appear. Therefore, the wait seems longer as the bot seems unresponsive.


Because of this, the people chatting in often follow up with more chats that are unrelated to the inputs we ask for. I think a good UI improvement here would be to add this typing gif after the first input by someone chatting in. On the customer's end, they will have an indication and expectation of a response and this will reduce the likelihood that they 1) close the chat, or 2) input additional irrelevant information.

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