Typeform Integration (Native Integration to Logic Based Question Asking Form Platform)


We used the HubSpot's persona tool built on Typeform. This was my first experience with Typeform. It is a great platform for quickly building logic based forms that are asked in one-by-one question style. If you have never experienced it, try it here: HubSpot Persona Builder


The platform has many features that are desirable. It has a great mobile experience and Typeform seems to have a good sense of design. We have used this platform to build out complex question asking forms. Things like quote forms and persona building process like above.


I am looking for this to be a native integration because of cookie tracking. Right now when you send a lead thru a Typeform it does not move the Hubspot cookie thru the Typeform process... synced via Zapier.


Currently today you can sync a lead that goes thru a form back to HubSpot via Zapier. Learn how to here: Typeform to Zapier to HubSpot


Our Current flow...


New Lead to ->

  • PPC
  • Social
  • Other blogs
  • Etc...

-> New Website Visitor -> Hubspot COS Site -> [Embeded] Typeform (new lead collected) -> Zapier -> Back to Hubspot (new lead in contacts)


The problem with this is that I have no idea what the "new lead" did prior to hitting the Typeform. HubSpot's customer journey in the contact record just shows them starting engagement with us at the Zapier sync.


Where this really breaks down is that when we look at lead sources in HubSpot all of these form submissions thru Zapier, they look like they come from Offline Sources. For one of our clients, we use Typeform to get quote requests for sheds. But we can't tell where the lead came from when the customer started the journey on our site because it doesn't marry up the HubSpot Cookie Tracking with the "new lead" that get's generated because of the Typeform/Zapier sync. So we don't know what things that we are doing as an agency are winning for our customer.


So I am making a case that HubSpot builds a relationship and a native integration with Typeform. We all know that you can't do any more than one level of logic-building with the HubSpot forms tool today. So it forces us to choose other tools like Typeform, Formstack, etc... to do that logic building. I see that it would be well worth HubSpots time in building this relationship/integration like they have done for Formstack (this tool works at bringing the cookie thru the process, however, it is a different style form tool) in the past.

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Yes, please give us native Typeform integration. Typeform is better than SurveyMonkey in pretty much every respect. Time to add this option as being stuck with SM as the only option for meaningfully integrating surveys is not great.

We too use Typeform for our Sign Up form because it has such great decision logic. Branches that a standard Hubspot form can not handle. The issue though is all of these new leads appearing as Offline due to the Zapier integration being what pushes them into Hubspot. Without retaining the true Original Source we lose a lot of information from our number one converting form.


I do not know if this would be on Hubspot to help solve or Typeform, or even Zapier to come up with a solution. But any solution would be greatly appreciated.


Same here, really want to see this happening!


yes we need this too


Yes please!!!! 

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Has anyone tried passing the Hubspot tracking cookie to the embedded Typeform form, then including that cookie value when Zapier zaps the form submission over to HubSpot?  The flow would be:


Web visitor (hutk cookie tracked) -> visits several pages -> visits page with Embedded Typeform (hutk cookie passed to it) -> user fills out form -> Zapier submits to HS with hutk code -> User redirects to HS page (same hutk code is still associated)


Then the lead timeline would look like:


New user -> visited several pages -> visits page with form -> external form submission -> visits form TY page


I'll give this a shot and see when I have some time.



That would be great. Thanks @streamgary.


@streamgary, please let us know if you figure it out. Much appreciated in advance!


TF does allow HubSpot to pass along info to TF via UTM. Not sure if that is helpful or not. 

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I've tested this and unfortunately, I was unsuccessful.  


I was able to grab the Hubspot tracking token (hutk), pass it to the Typeform form, and have it submitted as a field.  The problem is with Zapier.  While setting up the Zapier integration, it shows all of the Hubspot fields from the HS form I can match my Typeform fields to, but it does not offer a matching field to pass the Hubspot token.  


But this ended up being a fortunate problem because it forced me to find a different form package to use. I was able to find one that fit my needs even better.  The form package is https://surveyjs.io - it can replicate most of Typeform's functionality and might even have more features. Better yet, I was able to have the form submit directly to Hubspot's form API, eliminating the intermediary form "service" (Typeform, Jotform, etc) The main downside is simply that it's not as pretty out-of-the-box, and the form builder is more technical. 


In summary, I was able to create an embedded form built using SurveyJS that grabs the Hubsport tracking code, and have the fields submitted directly to the matching HS form along with the tracking code.   The timeline displays  as follows:


New user -> visited several pages -> visits page with SurveyJS produced form -> HS form submission via API -> visits form TY page


If anyone is interested in seeing my solution, let me know.  I can post a how-to after I get done with this project (in about 2 weeks).


Here's the form I am building so far with some CSS elbow grease: https://sg.d.pr/vKqG1m



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I created a basic landing page in HubSpot to get general information for a Room Rental form. 

Once the new contact has filled out their basic requirements on the Landing Page, only then, are they are given the typeform link to fill out more detailed information. The landing page marries up with our Website tracking, and everyone is happy.


I'm not sure if this fits the bill from the OP, but just throwing it out there, as we will be relying on typeform as well for multiple integrations across a variety of platforms.



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Thanks, @Anonymous. The challenge with your work-around is not asking for the same info twice. Do you ask for their email address on the first form to create the contact, and then again on the TypeForm so the submission can be matched up?

I assume you need to ask for the email address on the first HubSpot form submission to create the contact.

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Hi @Jon_Sasala,

Correct, I do not ask for email address on the second form from Typeform, as I can pass information from typeform back to hubspot ( i think - using a zapier integration) and that way the contact gets updated from the typeform data. Not completely sure, but the data we are capturing is not (really) relevant to our needs ( just a room rental form)- so possiby unnessary to capture back to hubspot.


Yes on the Native Integration! 

We're looking to build out an assessment tool and would love to use a service that integrates easily w/ HubSpot. Would love to not have to use Zapier for everything. 


@streamgary Could you share your surveyjs implementation? Love your design! 

I am having issue with implementing a multi-page survey on Hubspot COS. It got stuck on the first page. 

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Hi @yidanwang, my form became really long and complex - with way more JS than you probably want to see.  Do you want to share your page with me instead and I can help you figure out what's wrong?


@streamgary Thank you for offering your help! It turns out that there was a another script on my website which was in conflict with surveyjs. I submitted an issue in surveyjs' github repo and they figured it out for me 🙂 

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I'd love to see this also.  We're an agency using Hubspot for multiple clients via the Zapier integration.  It suffices, but could be so much better.  Please, Hubspot, build a native integration.


Hi all,


From what I'm reading here it looks like Typeform offers multi-level and dependent form functionality. I'm working on a Contact Us Hubspot page and hitting the wall with the Hubspot form functionality (one level). I need something that is more sophisticated to represent the logic we came up with. I'm trying to figure out Typeform's functionality before I buy it.


So, I can place a Typeform on a Hubspot landing page, right?