Two-factor authentication for HubSpot portal

I was surprised this wasn't already a feature of HubSpot, especially where our databases are filled with our lead's information. I would like HubSpot to add 2FA to their system. Something we can integrate with Google Authenticator would be ideal. It adds an extra layer of security that we would appreciate. 

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Hi, I did not use it myself but apparently provides something like that.
They are some kind of Password manager.
By connecting to Hubspot through their portal. you can add 2FA authentication Smiley Happy 

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Seconding 2FA to protect lead information, but also our sensitive third-party credentials (social accounts, etc). 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning
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I agree with dmurphy in that I was surprised that there is no good way to implement 2 Factor Authentication. From what I read, OneLogin kind of has 2FA, but it learns your patterns and once you keep logging in to the same computer, it doesn't ask for a second authentication. The owner of the company I work for wants me to tighten down all our systems with 2FA and Hubspot is the only one I can't do this with. Even if there was a way to restrict access to Hubspot from a certain IP range would be much better than the current format. I hope the Planning phase doesn't take too long or we may have to find a different platform that we can make more secure.

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@dilloncompton Whats the status on implementing this?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @mirshko,

We're actively working on the 2FA feature, but don't yet have a release date to share. We'll update this issue once there is a beta available. 



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I'll pile on to this thread. I'd love to have 2FA (preferably using generic methods so I don't have to use Google, and not text either). It would be great since someone hacking my Hubspot account and messing with my website is a scary thought. Thanks for working on this and I'm happy to be a beta tester. 

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 We store 100's of thousands of contacts who all trust us with their personal data. We take security extremely seriously and are fearful of the fact that this basic security functionality puts that data at potential risk. Giving this a massive upvote.

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upvote +1000.

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I concur. I'm just evaluating now but I couldn't put all my data in one place and then leave it insecure. Zoho and others have this feature now. I really like the look of HubSpot that lack of 2FA would be a dealbreaker for me.