Two-factor authentication for HubSpot portal

I was surprised this wasn't already a feature of HubSpot, especially where our databases are filled with our lead's information. I would like HubSpot to add 2FA to their system. Something we can integrate with Google Authenticator would be ideal. It adds an extra layer of security that we would appreciate. 

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Hubspot have 2fa in beta now. We are testing it with them. There is a way to go yet to get a better implementation but they are working on it. My biggest concern is the lack of power for the administrator. Admin can’t enforce a password change on a user, nor suspend an account. Also we would prefer 2fa and single sign on, so we can track our own user activity.

anyway Hubspot are making progress.

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We would also be interested in joining the beta program


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We are very interested in joining the HubSpot 2FA beta program. Please contact me.

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Hi guys,


I've a really urgent need for this for a client. Could somebody contact me about this? 





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I would like to have our account participate in BETA. Please DM me.

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Us as well please

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Would love for our account to be added to the beta test - please contact me. Thank you!

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I also need to implement 2FA for GDPR or get another CRM

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This was many months ago - has anything been done to implement MFA?

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Hi Guys,


I think it's safe to say that 2FA and SAML or SSO providers should be supported, it's very narrow minded to only support Google, being vedor agnostic is by far more scalable.


Please could you provide an update when 2FA will be released and support for other identity providers, OneLogin, Office365 etc