Twitter Changes 2018 & Social Publishing's #Fails

Hey guys,


I was really hoping with this new Twitter rule change Spring 2018 "Only one Twitter account can be used for each tweet. Users will no longer be able to post the same tweet across several connected Twitter accounts"  that Hubspot was going to take the opportunity to make the Social Publishing tool better. 


IMO, Social Publishing is certainly not a best in class tool yet for clients or agencies for the following reasons:


1) Clients won't use it b.c they can't post more than one photo (e.g. FB = no tracking data)

2) Clients won't use it b.c they can't post from their mobile (=no data; already in the ideas forum)

3) You can't quickly/easily change the date, time and account posting a message (such an obvious thing to allow. Clients routinely ask me, "if free tools can do this, why can't Hubspot at $800/month?")

4) You can't easily edit multiple messages once scheduled (e.g. last minute client change is a nightmare on Social Publishing)

5) The "Create a Stream" is incredibly limiting. E.g. it does not allow me to create a stream of anything I actually want to see or show my clients. Not everyone who sees our Conference Hashtag Tweet uses that hashtag or our name, so how do I filter of all our social success from that conference? I go back to Twitter Notifications... = not good enough.


Social Publishing's #Fails are having significant drawbacks for my clients, who are frustrated by HS Social Publishing, and who will lose serious traffic with Twitter's new rule change. Is fixing this in the roadmap? By when??


Posting this b.c my CC says I have to post it or anything to happen. Worried   #ThisWhereGoodIdeasGoToDie ?  But there you go, it's posted! (Signed, Still Frustrated.)

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