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Turn on associate contacts without creating companies

We would like to be able to automatically associate contacts with companies without it creating companies.


At the moment, the two are linked - you can only associate contacts with companies if you also let HubSpot create companies.


These should be able to be turned on separately so it does not create duplicate companies. We turned this on and there were so many duplicates created due to slightly different domains. 

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YES! This is an awesome idea! And great use case here. 



Please let this happen HubSpot!


This has been a huge issue for my company (and many other hubspot admin I have spoken with at other companies as well) 


  • We absolutely want to have "automatically associate contacts with companies" ON 
  • We rarely, if ever, want to automatically create NEW companies when email domain doesn't exactly match the website domain of the company.
    • This causes HIGH volume of duplicate companies to be created which causes all sorts of downstream issues for users and requires constant management to merge these erreneous and duplicate companies
    • If we turn this setting off altogether, then it causes even more issues as contacts are not automatically associated when they do match so it creates quite a catch 22.

Please split off this functionality into (2) unique check boxes! 


This created a huge mess for us as one of our admins turned this on and now we have a ton of new junk companies to delete, except they will keep getting created if we leave this on!