Turn off "create new contact" for Gmail integration

The current Gmail integration is insufficient because:

1. It requires a manual effort by salespeople to 'log' each and every email. (Unreliable.)

2. Requires the salesperson to manually bcc when using a phone or desktop client. (Seldom done.)


A 100% effective solution can be accomplished using one of two methods:

1. IMAP integration that logs every email that matches a customer email address.

2. BCC integration that logs every email that matches a customer address (because Gmail has a compliance setting that can BCC every email to the hubspot address.)


Both of these methods require a single feature change to be effective: turning OFF the feature to 'create new contact' when an email address does not match an existing address. This will ignore personal emails and emails to non-customers. 


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I cannot roll out HubSpot for Sales to many of my users because they accidently create new contacts.  Since the default for the Track and Log check boxes is what you last used, it is easy to forgot to uncheck them.    We need the option of turn off the auto create or at least get a warning message that states "you will be creating a new Contact in HubSpot". 





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There are no less than 4 "Ideas" pages all asking (in different ways) for this same feature!.  Please go and upvote all of them. Here are the links:

 Please go and upvote all of them. 

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I upvoted all of them and this one.


I'm extremely surprised this wasn't implemented from the very beginning (I know if I was coding it, I would have done so).


And the solution is si extremely simple - just one more code path to 'Discard email' instead of 'Create New Contact'.


This concerns me, because I think it means they did this on purpose. Why? Maybe because they charge by the number of Contacts???

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Don't get your hopes up. This has been a request for over 2 years. Since that time, GDPR and CA's version has made it illegal to use mail integration without this feature. Each time we press them on it, we are told that it is impossible. Really.