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Turn off email transcript sent to visitor for chat

The ability to turn off the chat transcript that is sent via email after having a conversation would be nice.

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Ability to turn off or at a bare minimum to customise is essential. Come on HubSpot.

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A must-have !


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This is an important feature, at least the possibility to turn off. Thanks

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Équipe de développement de HubSpot
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We definitely need the ability to turn this off.

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Yea it is pointless it send the chat transcript to the customer, and could get some companies in hot water over regulatory issues. Please give the option to turn off this function 

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Yes - PLEASE do this. This should be a very easy fix for HubSpot... Just turn it off.


It needs to be completely up to your clients whether or not they want to send a transcript to their visitors. I'd definitely prefer not to... Too much annoying "traffic" to our customers and very confusing.


Just put an option in the chat tool please.


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Please disable this feature or provide customer with ability to turn off or customize the response.

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It is CRAZY you guys never anticipated this response from your users (and subsequently, our website users). Please add the ability to disable chat transcripts ASAP. 

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Yes, this is essential! Very annoying to have clients receive a strange summary of their chat conversation.