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Turn off automatic association of email attachments to contacts, companies, and deals

When you send a sales email from HubSpot or log an email using HubSpot Sales, any attachments from that email will automatically be added to the Attachments section of that contact's record.


HubSpot automatically associates activities logged on a contact record to the record's associated company, and five most recently open deals, which is why those email attachments are also showing on these associated records.


This is causing an overflow of attachments that are not relevent to the contact, company, or deal records that the attachment is being associated with.


It should be possible to change this default setting within HubSpot to prevent the attachments from automatically logging to the contact, company, or deal record.

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I'm interested in the same thing. Is there any update on this?


@NickMcGowan this thread is related to the turning off of automatic email associations and should give you an idea on the timeline. 


I agree, this is quite annoying. Logging Attachments with emails and logging attachments with the records should be separate options, especially since Hubspot doesn't have any other filtering options for the attachments and therefore the attachments section is immediately clogged with spacing pixels, company logos in customers' signatures, etc. 


Agreed, prevents the CRM being used as a CRM should be in Deals it prevents a clear view of the timeline and just muddles it with irrelevant emails!


I agree this is quite frustrating for our sales people working with a muddy timeline on the deals. Would be great to filter activity only associated with the deal you are on and not the most recent 5.


Massive headache.

Because of this we'll have to store our important files elsewhere, else they'll get buried among irrelevant documents


This was fixed in Feb with an update to the Outlook Add-in…… uninstall the current version then install the new version……. And it now works beautifully!

Steve Collins​
Marketing Manager


Does anyone know if this was solved for the desktop Outlook Add-In? I can only find info on a fix for the Outlook 365 add-in. This is a huge issue for us that we need to address.


This is the article I can find on setting up the desktop Outlook Add-In. It appears there isn't an option to turn off the automatic association to deals while still logging the email to a contact and company.





Yes, This was fixed in Feb with an update to the Outlook Add-in…… uninstall the current version then install the new version……. 


Hello everyone,


I have had exactly the same thing happen to me with a customer, the contact added to the deals is important and it drags the documentation of other businesses because of this association function. This has consequences for the customer service area as the information is confusing. Please help with this.


Juan P Gallo




I'm a big proponent of keeping things simple. This uploading of attachments automatically is making the process frustrating and unclean. I would rather control what attachments I add to a contact, as we as a business are constantly updating information and data via emails. It's just an unnecessary thing to add something and have to go back to delete it. I even have social media images saving hundreds of times. Hope this helps improve the platform.


William Rubsamen


Ye when will hubspot add this feature.

It is very time consuming to remove associations evry tiem I send an email.

Surely this is not hard to do

HubSpot Employee

This is a really good idea! 


yes, having an option to stop the attachments from emails automatically stored in the deal record is important. Otherwise a bunch of non-relevant attachments are there cluttering the whole record, and defitting the purpose of storing relevant documentation