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Hello everybody,

https://destek.vedubox.com/ this is our humble Knowledge Base for our LMS platform. We have local customers from Turkey and we have international customers. However, Hubspot Knowledge Base does not support Turkish language for its Multiple Language (BETA) feature.

We have to use English option for actual English language, therefore we have to serve Turkish Knowlede base under an another language as seen here:


This looks quite unprofessional. There are only a few words waiting to be translated in Turkish and our team includes advanced English speakers who will provide accurate translation for few words and sentences in case you need help. 

Rest of the content are already translated with translation tool, such as theme translation and category translation. Therefore, we would like to help you add Turkish option just for Knowledge Base display option, and it would be better if we did this ASAP.

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Hello again, 

Our team have prepared the required translation in order to help you. Below is the Turkish translation of end user interface. Translating fields below and enabling us to use Turkish as a language option in knowledge base is sufficient.

Knowledge Base – Interface buttons and their Turkish translations

EN: Search for answers
TR: Yanıtları arayın

EN: See all articles
TR: Tüm makaleleri gör


EN: Was this article helpful? 
TR: Bu makale faydalı oldu mu?
Evet = Yes
Hayır = No

EN: See more
TR: Daha fazla göster

EN: See less
TR: Daha az göster


Can we at least expect an approximate due date? We need to strategize our efforts for Knowledge Base and we need to know if supporting Turkish for Knowledge Base is among your plans or not.(If not, we also would like to know the reason.)

Building a knowledge base is a serious effort for our team, it means focus for writing articles, dividing manpower and spending time. Serving it under an unrelevant language will seriously damage our reputation. Therefore, we are at a pause waiting to hear from you. We want to stick to HubSpot for user friendly interface, our CRM already built on HubSpot and the ability to copy screenshots from clipboard while writing an article, since we have lots of articles waiting to be served. But we cannot afford to serve our content under a different language forever.

Post edit: I'm aware of Ideas Forum's rules. But I did not post this threat on Ideas forum, this is more close to a support ticket rather than an idea. It was moved by the moderators. What we ask is not a new feature, we literally ask for translation of 5 sentences + 2 words + adding an option to an existing selectbox.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @ahmetbozkurt - sorry for the late reply! For something like this, where you're needing a quick reply, I would recommend reaching out to our Support team rather than posting to this forum. The Ideas forum is more for posting ideas and upvoting those you'd like to see implemented in HubSpot, whereas in this case it really just sounds like you need Turkish implemented and would like to know if it can be done soon. 


On that note, I'll look into this. I'll reach out to you directly later this week when I know more. 


Thank you for your patience! 

- Snaedis 

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team