True Local Custom Modules

Spoke with Hubspot support and they already confirmed custom module usage works this way.


I make a custom module to use on templates and pages with flexible columns. If I place that custom module more than once on a page or template all instances of it have the same values. Despite if I try to update them individually. So while it's "local" in the entire system sense, it is not "local" on the page level. 


A good example of this would be I need to create a custom module for horizontal spacers on a page. If someone puts more than one of this custom module on their landing page within any number of flexible columns all instances of that module have the save values on the FRONT END. Ironically on the backend(in the template builder on on the page builder) the system is smart enough to distinguish different content in each individual instance of this particular module.


However this information never makes it to the front end. Can we update custom modules and their fields to be TRULY local. Flexible columns are awesome, but way less powerful so long as the system works this way.

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