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Trigger workflow when two dates are equal

It would be great to be able to trigger a workflow when two date properties are equal.


For example: when sign-up date = first order date, send a notification to the sales team.

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Yes Exactly, when Close date =Today Date, i need to complete a followup, but i dont find a way except gathering the data via report


A workaround that might work is to make a new calculation property with calculated property type time between, Number format: Duration.
Start date pick the property 1 with a date and End date is property 2 with another date field. 

So this new property will calculate the difference between these 2 dates and you can use this property in a workflow to trigger if the difference is more than 1 day for example. This solved the issue for me.


In the workflow, simply add a check to this property if its greater than 1 day.


I like that option Plue! Here's another idea I tried when I needed to compare 2 dates in a workflow to see if they matched up or not, and it seems to work well! Convenient if you happen to be checking different dates depending on pipeline or situation - or if one of the dates is in another object (haven't tried that one yet, but see no reason why it wouldn't work).

  1. create a property in your object to get the result of the comparison (i.e. date check)
  2. in the workflow use the format data option - custom mode
    1. put in a formula: number(unixtimestamp([property1]))-number(unixtimestamp([property2]))
    2. copy the result into your date check property
    3. branch: if date check=0, numbers are the same - if not, they are different