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Trigger workflow based upon campaign interaction when campaign is linked to marketing email

Please create the ability to trigger workflow based on contact interaction with marketing email that's linked to a particular campaign. This will enable me to have a workflow that can change particular contact property fields based upon there interaction with a particular campaign that is linked to a marketing email.


The only current work around is selecting the individual emails as the trigger but this is problematic as I would need to updated the trigger settings every time i send an email.

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100% this needs to be added! I have a campaign that new marketing emails are being added to weekly with CTAs to content on our site. These marketing emails are targeting active lists so new contacts will also be added as they enter HS CRM. I want to create a workflow when the contact has clicked on 3 campaign emails, the trigger then sends a marketing email to push contacts for a demo request. With our current functionality, I have only 2 options: manually adding the new campaign emails to the workflow each week OR allowing ANY marketing email clicks. The latter won't help with attribution since they could be members of other lists & receiving other marketing emails. I want to target specific campaign marketing email activity. HELP!🙏


Completely agree. The only option for tracking contact engagement w/ a series of newsletters (that all belong to the same campaign) is to individually add the emails to a list or workflow.