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Trigger lead flow to appear based on link/button click

Migrated from legacy feedback forum with 41 votes.


An example, provide a way to trigger the Leadin Popup Form to appear when a user clicks on a 'Download EBook' link in a blog post. If this is something you'd be interested in, please vote and leave a comment describing how you'd use this feature below.

Regular Contributor

This would add a new dimension of use cases for lead flows. Very useful

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for your feedback @troelsfeodor! Out of interest, do you have one or two real world examples of where you'd use this on your website? We're looking to put together some validation for this feature and any examples you can provide are very useful Smiley Happy Feel free to DM meet too.

New Member

I have two pages on website where I have loads of content on market sector as well as on my product. I have a button where a reader can click and request all the content. I want to plug lead flow there.

Regular Contributor

@Shay it would for example be a blog post where we mention and link to a piece of content. Today I have to link to a another page with a form or add the form into the blog post. I would be nice to use a CTA button to link to a lead flow. 

E.g. on this page

New Member

Me and my company have been looking for this particular feature. And would appreciate it a lot!


New Contributor

Totally agree with this idea. We would love for our 'Schedule a demo' button to trigger the Hubspot Marketing Lead From (which we have set up as a demo request form).

New Member

+1 for this, I actually setup a lead flow and a trigger link thinking that this was such a basic feature, it had to be included only to come across this feature request