Trigger a workflow when a property value has been changed

[This has been resolved] It would be wonderful to have the ability to trigger a workflow when a property value has changed. For example, we have leads submit answers on a form, and after a sales rep speaks to the lead, sometimes the rep find out the information our lead selected was incorrect. Once the sales rep overrides the form submission's answer, marketing needs to be notified so we can place the lead in the appropriate follow up workflow to send relevant topics to our leads. 

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@marymartin28, it was already explained in the second reply of this thread that there's already the "has changed" trigger, it's just unclearly named "is known". It sounds like it'd trigger only when the value becomes non-empty for the first time, so I'd really suggest for HubSpot to name it better, e.g. "Is known or changed".


Currently, re-enrolling based on that is not possible for company properties, only contact properties, as was said, but luckily they're already looking into adding it as well.

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@katja Property is known is not intuitive to also mean property value has changed. Is that the only way "is known" is used? Why not change the name or add that as a distinct option?