Trigger a workflow when a property value has been changed

[This has been resolved] It would be wonderful to have the ability to trigger a workflow when a property value has changed. For example, we have leads submit answers on a form, and after a sales rep speaks to the lead, sometimes the rep find out the information our lead selected was incorrect. Once the sales rep overrides the form submission's answer, marketing needs to be notified so we can place the lead in the appropriate follow up workflow to send relevant topics to our leads. 

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We have this same need, but for Deals.

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To clarify: it's already possible to set off a workflow whenever a contact property value changes. To do this, you would set the reenrollment criteria to "[Property] is known." (See this Knowledge article for steps on editing enrollment criteria!)


@anthonyp: You're correct that it's not currently an option to reenroll contacts in a workflow based on company or deal properties—thanks so much for bringing the suggestion to our attention!




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Hi @katja!

I don't believe it's possible for our needs because our property value is already known, and we have sales reps who change the property value to a second, alternate known value. Do you have an way to accomplish this? 


For example, say I have a field "Calls" and today the property value is "1" and tomorrow my rep changes the value from "1" to "2". I need the ability to run a list, report or workflow to notify me when the property value changes.




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Hi @marstalb,


Setting the enrollment criteria to allow reenrollment whenever the property is known will trigger a contact to go through the workflow again every time the property changes. The exception to this would be if the contact is already progressing through the workflow when the property changes, as a contact cannot be in two places in the same workflow.

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Thank you so much @katja!! This is working seamlessly for us now! I'm disappointed that I submitted a help ticket on this topic on January 13, 2017 and was told that HubSpot didn't have this feature. I appreciate your assistance!

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 I have a number field that won't allow me to do this with re-enrollment. Why is this? I have one contact who just stays enrolled and doesn't get re-enrolled when that number field changes.

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I don't think the solutions suggested so far capture all possible use cases, and it would be great to have the ability to trigger a workflow based on contact field changes. Let me give you an example that we want to implement:


  • User exists with an email address
  • User email address changes—sometimes due to a known issue with how HubSpot associates cookies with emails
  • We want to get notified when this happens so we can determine when it's appropriate and when it's inappropriate

For example, when our users are on public computers, they sometimes end up changing each other's email addresses due to how HubSpot works with emails and cookies. We want to get notified when that happens so we can look into it. 

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We need something similar and the suggestion above didn't solve our issue. We would like to have a webhook triggered by any update to any contact, company or deal property on any contact record. Something as simple as adding "changed" to the list of options in many properties, right between "is known", "is unknown", etc.

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Can you also create a worflow to trigger whenever a company property changes? For example, if we want to copy a company's phone number into a contact's phone number every time a change to the company phone number is made. 

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Hi @katja,


As suggested above, we need an option to both allow reenrolment of contact into a workflow and run a workflow constantly so that it can capture a known property change. For example, if number of employees changes from < 5,000 to > 5,000, then the sales team needs to be notified. Could you please help?