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Trigger Workflow enrollment based on a specific Time of Day

Scenario: The customer has scheduled working hours for their support team as well as and after-hours on-call persons. They would like to be able to route all tickets that come in after office hours to enroll in a workflow that would then send an internal email or SMS to the on-call person.


Allow enrollment trigger criteria to be set based on the time of day. Currently, the system is date focused but not time focus. So I can choose a trigger based on the date or date range but not on a time or time range. 

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I'm looking for this too! I am now having to turn on and off the workflow every day.


This is also a huge issue for us, having to turn on and off the workflow every day is not very practical. 


I have a similar use case. We would like to auto reply to SMS messages we receive after hours. Ex. when someone responds to one of our texts between 5pm and 9am, monday to friday, i want to auto reply with a message that says we're closed and will respond during business hours. I can create a workflow and time the 'actions' to only execute during specific periods, but I can't prevent contacts from entering that workflow at specfic times. So, the problem created by this is the contact texts us at noon, enters the workflow (which I don't want), and then gets an autoreply at 5pm. Ideally, the workflow is only turned on from 5pm to 9am, but I don't want to manually have to do this.


Has anybody found a workaround to this? I'm trying as well to have a WF that only enrolls while reps are offline and sends leads a Whatsapp message. When they come online, they can do the work, so I need to stop enrolling during rep on times. Wouldn't like to do ir manually everyday.

Thanks for your help!