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Trigger Notification Emails When Replying to Blog Comments

Currently, if a customer comments on a blog post, other readers or blog managers in HubSpot can reply to that comment. When doing so, however, the original poster does not receive a notification email letting them know that their comment has been responded to. As a result, community managers, blog editors, and other marketing folks working with the blog either have to hope that the original poster decides to come back, or take the additional step of emailing that contact to let them know that their comment has received a response. 


When commenting on a blog post, ideally the commenter would be able to check a box indicating that they want to be notified of responses to their comment.

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It will be super useful to have as an option! This makes the commenter happy to keep replying to messages and easily interact with the blog post 🙂


I would love to have this feature! We get a lot of customer service questions on our blog and am not sure if the customer knows to check back on the blog for their answer. 

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Any updates on this please? @breichenbach @jehiguese 


I'm having the same issue. It's the only thing that makes sense when replying to comments in the blog. Specially when they make a question.

Is there anyway to trigger a workflow with the reply to send an automated email to the one posting in the first place?

Its also a bit weird that I need to approve my reply once I send it. Shouldn't this be immediate?

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I agree. We need to automate the process of notifying users that another reply has happened. This feature was sunsetted because of GDPR. See this article:


Now that GDPR is in place and fully functional, it is time for Hubspot to bring this feature back. If the portal has GDPR turned on then it should just apply the GDPR rules. 


- Dave Orecchio


I am CEO of 40 person start-up and the poor UX on comment notifications is cositng my company time and money. click on the link in the email and then not being able to land on a URL with the relevant comment open is basic acceptance criteria for a Product Manager or Owner implementing this feature. I am shocked Hubspot have let this poor funtionality remain infront of users for so long....


This is such a fundamental feature for a blog... it's rediculous that it is not present and we're even paying to use this blog system. Shame! Were considerung to switch.


I am schocked that this and many other fundemental features like A/B testing on blogs and landing pages are not available in HubSpot and yet we all pay BIG money relative to other platforms.


Should be very easy to implement since HubSpot used to have this feature and has it here on this community! 


This is such a good idea!!! Very surprised when I found this was not a standard setting. Especially because it is a standard setting ON THIS FORUM (see below the reply-box when you submit a reply)

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+1 this would be super useful! 


Yes we need that feature of the commenter receiving email when someone reply that comment.

Why is it that the community HS has this feature (Email me when someone replies) and in HS Blog doesn't have it?

Wordpress has this feature. I believe HS CMS can do better! 😄


+1 on this. This feature should be mandatory. I'm puzzled that this isn't already a mandatory feature - in order to facilitate conversations rather than a comment that most probably will be forgotten...


I was very much surprised to find out this is not a built-in option already! It is a crucial and basic requirement for any blog, what is the use of the comments moderation option if the poster is not notified, you really expect them to find the specific page and come read the answer on their own?! People land to articles from so many channels, from ads, posts, they are often not aware of how to find the same URL, it is really ridiculous, how should we manage and drive communication on a massive level without this feature???


Now I can't even copy and paste the blog commenter's e-mail address from Hubspot's blog module-comments section to send a manual blog notification e-mail when I reply to a comment.  I can see the e-mail address, but when I hover my mouse over it, it disappears and is replaced by buttons REPLY, MARK AS SPAM, or MORE (reject or delete).  I think many of your customers would appreciate an auto e-mail notification function.  This seems like an easy change.


Is there another way to do this without having to memorize the e-mail address?


I agree!  Super useful!


Any update on this? We are getting more comments and it's taking us a lot of time to maneuver. Need that check box for blog replies, please and thank you!


The HubSpot Paradox! For one software that takes such pride in being a thought leader for inbound marketing, content strategy and AUTOMATIONS, it is really insane to ignore such a basic blog functionality! So, the message you are sending us is to either have our audience think we never answered (so, we don't nurture and delight our leads) or to "just do it manually"? Not sure which is worse.

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I think this will be useful 🙂





This functionality is very important for all companies doing inbound marketing. It is the opposite of marketing that we do not have this functionality, we are actually paying a lot for this service.

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It would come it handy, and promote more comment activity on blogs