Trigger Notification Emails When Replying to Blog Comments

Currently, if a customer comments on a blog post, other readers or blog managers in HubSpot can reply to that comment. When doing so, however, the original poster does not receive a notification email letting them know that their comment has been responded to. As a result, community managers, blog editors, and other marketing folks working with the blog either have to hope that the original poster decides to come back, or take the additional step of emailing that contact to let them know that their comment has received a response. 


When commenting on a blog post, ideally the commenter would be able to check a box indicating that they want to be notified of responses to their comment.

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

It will be super useful to have as an option! This makes the commenter happy to keep replying to messages and easily interact with the blog post Smiley Happy

New Contributor

I would love to have this feature! We get a lot of customer service questions on our blog and am not sure if the customer knows to check back on the blog for their answer. 

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Any updates on this please? @breichenbach @jehiguese 

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I'm having the same issue. It's the only thing that makes sense when replying to comments in the blog. Specially when they make a question.

Is there anyway to trigger a workflow with the reply to send an automated email to the one posting in the first place?

Its also a bit weird that I need to approve my reply once I send it. Shouldn't this be immediate?