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Trend key metrics over time

Hello- I was informed that the following funcitonality doesn't exist — I really wish it would!


Example: we would like to know how many first stage cycles get to second stage, trended over time. We have an all-company goal to hit a certain metric.


For example:

- Of all opportunities that make the first stage, let's say 50% make the second stage today.

- We all set a goal to get that number to 60% within 6 months and 70% within 12 months

- Right now you can only do that in Hubspot point in time. But what you can't do is see how it is trending month over month. Even if I created 12 months funnel reports, it would "double count" any deal that remained in the first stage from one month to another (showing one in the first stage in October, and one in November when in reality that's only 1 deal)


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I'd like to second this but for a different set of metrics. 

  • Conversations open over time. Basically I want people to start keeping their conversations cleaned up, and I'd like to show that we moved from say 80 conversations in progress last week to 60 this week. Then I can catch trends where we might need a new push to keep it down and make people feel good about the progress they've made.
  • We're using tickets for onboarding soon, and I want to be able to show how many customers were in what status over time. Then I can show progress at getting customers through onboarding stages quicker and reducing the number of customers that are waiting on us at any point.

Ultimately, my goal is to build progress charts that we go over every company all hands. We can show customer growth in terms of onboarding and steady state.