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Trello Integration

It would be awesome if Trello and Hubspot would integrate without having to use a third party. We use both constantly - Hubspot more for sales and marketing activities, and Trello more for engineering, design, and project management. Currently there's an awful lot of duplication of efforts. Thanks! 

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May 05, 2020 12:04 AM

Hi All


Thanks for your suggestions

Trello Integration is not currently planned for our coming cycles, but is something that we will revisit later this year. 




Re: Trello Integration - changed to: In Planning
October 03, 2018 03:46 PM

Hi everyone! Your replies have been heard (or read?) 


My name is Jingo and I'm a product manager at HubSpot. If you want to discuss everything Trello and HubSpot, then fill out this form and I'll email you directly about setting up a casual chat. 


Appreciate the help and looking forward to it 😄


Not Currently Planned
August 21, 2017 03:15 AM

Hey @Charliederusett thank you for the feedback!


In answer to your question, users are surveyed based on comments/votes on this thread as well as data that comes through our email and phone support channels. 


I am going to update the status of this idea. At this time a featured/native integration is not currently planned, but our project management teams will ocntinue to moderate this thread amongst other channels. As described above, you can use Zapier to integrate the two platforms. 


Please let me know if you have any further feedback, questions or concerns. Thank you!

May 09, 2017 11:11 AM

Hey @kspika there is already a Trello and HubSpot CRM integration supported by Zapier - check it out here.


Zapier uses triggers and actions to automate work between HubSpot and other apps. A trigger is an event that happens in one app and an action is the event that Zapier automatically performs in another app. You can find out more about using HubSpot with Zapier here. If this integration still does not meet you use case / goal then do let me know.  


Furthemore, HubSPot now offer's a native project management tool called HubSpot Projects, which is available to Marketing Basic, Pro and Enterprise customers. Find out more here.

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A HS/Trello integration would be amazing, we find there is a huge disconnect between the sales arm of the business and the project management.

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Hi All


Thanks for your suggestions

Trello Integration is not currently planned for our coming cycles, but is something that we will revisit later this year. 





Trello is great, when it comes to discuss leads internally with Engineers and other team members, later those leads can be organized with hubspot inorder to track them. If some trello power-up can be build for this by hubspot team, that would be really awesome!!



I would love to find a plugin or a power-up that would do this task of connecting the two platforms, Trello - Hubspot (CRM, Marketing and CMS)


since Jira plug will be end of life in feb 2021, and trello is part of Jira now. 

will the Jira integration support trello boards soon?


How come something that should be simple not being done after 3 years? We're in 2020! Come on, guys! Integrate Hubspot with Trello would open more business for HS, looking at the number of Trello users that only need that "push" to go HS... I see they complete themselves unless HS is trying to create something similar. 


Coming up on 2021 and this would be HUGE to have in place. Please develop Hubspot 🙂


Specifically, Trello should be tied to Tasks! Their API is easy enough to integrate with!




Any update on this? What would be optimal would be the following:

  • Create a deal/card in Hubspot/Trello with values such as for example title, description, labels, due dates and members
  • The deal/card is then replicated, with all values, to a deal/card in hubspot/Trello to the corresponding list (Hubspot and Trello should have the same list names)
  • Should you change a value, in either hubspot or Trello, it will be synced both ways

So, the lists in trello and hubspot should basically look the same.