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Trello Integration

It would be awesome if Trello and Hubspot would integrate without having to use a third party. We use both constantly - Hubspot more for sales and marketing activities, and Trello more for engineering, design, and project management. Currently there's an awful lot of duplication of efforts. Thanks! 

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Hey @kspika there is already a Trello and HubSpot CRM integration supported by Zapier - check it out here.


Zapier uses triggers and actions to automate work between HubSpot and other apps. A trigger is an event that happens in one app and an action is the event that Zapier automatically performs in another app. You can find out more about using HubSpot with Zapier here. If this integration still does not meet you use case / goal then do let me know.  


Furthemore, HubSPot now offer's a native project management tool called HubSpot Projects, which is available to Marketing Basic, Pro and Enterprise customers. Find out more here.


Hi @roisinkirby,

Thanks for reaching out. The Zapier integration would be just fine, but ideally I'd like an integration that I don't have to pay for. Right now we have so many separate tools at our company, and I'm just not inclined to pay for one more thing I have to manage. I'd love this to just be part of what Hubspot offers. I'll keep Zapier in mind in case I get desperate. 

Thanks for pointing out the projects tool. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer all the things Trello does. 



I agree with @kspika the user case for this is widespread surely? The huge amount of Trello users that have Hubspot and vice vera.


In our company it would be excellent to push a closed win from our Hubspot CRM straight onto either a 'board' or 'card' in Trellio. It would also be great to see and edit a Trello checklist within Hubspot and see a certain amount of information back from Trello so that an account exec can easily see the status of a clients project. A similar integration for Jira would go down a treat too. Zapier can never do these things as well as an Atlassian/Hubspot collaboration could 😄



I also agree that unfortunately the Hubspot projects tool doesn't yet seem be a suitable alternative to Trello and not close to Jira. I think that if this issue was surfaced with more users who also use Trello/Jira in order to deliver their sale in someway, they would value this and it would further cement them into both your respective platforms.


How easily are you able to survey users on these type of requests?



HubSpot Product Team

Hey @Charliederusett thank you for the feedback!


In answer to your question, users are surveyed based on comments/votes on this thread as well as data that comes through our email and phone support channels. 


I am going to update the status of this idea. At this time a featured/native integration is not currently planned, but our project management teams will ocntinue to moderate this thread amongst other channels. As described above, you can use Zapier to integrate the two platforms. 


Please let me know if you have any further feedback, questions or concerns. Thank you!


A Trello card in a specific swimlane, could trigger a deal in hubspot. A deal, moved from status to status, could move a trello card from swimlane to swimlane, assign a specific person a task, and ... you get the idea. It would take some effort. Of course, you're right, a Zapier integration would work, but would take each group a significant amount of time to perform. And, of course, it would cost each group the time and effort to build out the Zapier integration, and the cost of maintaining Zapier. How about bountying it? I'll throw $100 bucks in the kitty. (eensy weensy tiny startup) Anybody else?


Need this badly. Just signed up for Hubspot sales pro, but ya pros can’t do anything past the point of sales without a visual Kanban Trello board. 

Guess we’ll have to pay Zap and staff. Pipedrive has this along with google maps integrations to see anther visual of where you’re sending your staff. Pipedrive doesn’t have all the sequences and workflows so we’re stuck here selling and not producing. ;(


Maybe we’ll stick to our office post it note board, but what if we have an office fire LOL. Cmon

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 Honestly to speed things up, HubSpot could apply the same theme that is used on the Deals KanBan board to Projects/Tasks.


Instead of a Sales Lifecycle, call it Project Lifecycle.

Instead of Deals, call it Tasks/Ideas.


Same view, same functionality but WITHIN HubSpot.


Would be such a nice added bonus. I could start having all sorts of projects completed in an innovative way.


If that cannot be done, then integrate this app already into HubSpot. 11 Upvotes and counting. This makes too much sense for inbound.


With the new addition of service hub it would be nice if you would revisit this idea.

With our QA and and dev teams using Trello it would be nice if Tickets created in the Service hub would automatically create a card in Trello.

The use case scenario that we envision is:

1. Ticket is created in Service Hub.

2. A corresponding card is created in a 'Service Hub Incoming' list in Trello 

3. The URL of the Trello card is inserted automatically in the Service Hub ticket.

The above use case scenario represents the most basic integration and would be a good start.


As was mentioned above Zapier is NOT an option for us (and for many organizations) due to the costs and limitations on the amount of requests.





also needed it here!

i use Todoist and am in the same situation... lots of duplication and confusion

the Zapier's integration for Todoist does not allow for sales task integration which is what I need badly

hope the solution will be implemented soon!


I have to agree with this one. Trello is one of the best project management tools out there and it's a shame that Hubspot doesn't have a native ingration. When can we expect something?

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone! Your replies have been heard (or read?) 


My name is Jingo and I'm a product manager at HubSpot. If you want to discuss everything Trello and HubSpot, then fill out this form and I'll email you directly about setting up a casual chat. 


Appreciate the help and looking forward to it 😄





I have a lot of tasks from different resources: HubSpot, our ERP, our planning system (OKR), my own daily tasks...


To have it manageable I try to synchronize all the tasks into Trello. However, there is no automation HubSpot tasks and Trello cards. It would be awesome anytime I get/create a task in HubSpot a card will be created in Trello.  


At least a Hubspot plugin for Trello would help. Similar to "contalist" accessing the CRM's contact database.



I know you said you don't want to use a third party integration, but just in case you are desperate, Unito (I work there), is working on connecting tasks from Hubspot to Asana, Trello, Jira and more. If you'd like you can become a beta tester and give it a shot by registering here

Good luck,




It would be very nice to have a connection between the two tools, without a third party app.


2019 here, we still want Trello integration from HubSpot!

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Any updates on this?


We'd love to be in on the beta version of this when it's available! This would be a lifesaver!


would be great


has anyone found a way to integrate Trello with hubspot without having to try and work out Zapier? desperate for this function because other arms of the business need to use trello for detailed processes and we need to use hubspot to receive updates on their activities. Having a user friendly integration would save alot of headaches and hours of replication work to transfer info across from Trello each week.