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Travel planning, mapping, reporting



Who this impacts: Sales teams

Goal: to make travelling territories more efficient

Ask: update the "Meeting" feature on object records, develop a native tool/object/property or leverage APIs with integrated tools (mapping)

Value: allows for strategic travel planning, capitalizes on opportunities for new business while already in the area, adds expense reporting dimension to cost-of-acquisition (revenue reporting)

How it works:

  • Rep sets a meeting in an area, and that location is trackable in HubSpot. so that if they want to set up more meetings in the area, they can sort/filter/map out the travel
  • Automation could be triggered for if a rep sets a meeting in that area, so other appropriate prospects get notified "I'll be in town. Want to meet up?"
  • Use of APIs with route planning tools could cut time/cost when planning a trip around a large territory
  • Expense reporting could be incorporated, too

Pieces integrated: 

  • Meeting tool: by area
  • Associations with with multiple records: deal, contact, company
  • Reporting: e.g. "State is any of ..." AND "Meeting set in person is equal to 'yes'" vs. "... equal to 'No'"
  • Automation/sequences: Prospect sets meeting, rep is alerted about opportunity to reach out in the area, or conversely, other prospects in the area are alerted that the rep will be in town


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Hi @adyer_MBS , 


Awesome detail on this idea!! 


Back in 2016 we had similar challenges with our travel, we made a lot of trips to the US and we wanted to ensure we worked in a smart way. So we created an internal tool at the time, which integrated directly with HubSpot. Fast forward to today and it's now available to all HubSpot customers. It's called GeoMapper and is on the HubSpot app marketplace, 2500 + active HubSpot customers. It's only built for HubSpot so it's a very tight integration. It doesn't yet cover all the suggestions you made, but we are getting there 🙂


We have route planning functionality and sketch which integrates directly with HubSpots lists functionality, giving you the ability to setup automation asking for meetings to relevant contacts etc. 



I hope this helps? If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to message me. 


Kind regards, 


Dan Currin 







OrgChartHub & GeoMapper named in the Top 30 HubSpot Apps 





Your idea, @adyer_MBS, to enhance travel planning for sales teams is certainly promising. Efficient travel management can lead to increased productivity and better capitalization of business opportunities. In addition to the proposed updates to the "Meeting" feature, integrating APIs with route planning tools could significantly reduce the time and costs associated with planning trips across vast territories. This streamlined approach not only benefits sales reps but also contributes to better expense reporting, which can provide valuable insights into cost-of-acquisition and revenue reporting. If you're considering travel destinations, New Mexico is pretty safe for travelers. Ensuring safety while on the road is essential for a successful journey.


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