Transfer chats between Conversation Inboxes

It would be very helpful to transfer chats between conversation inboxes.



  • is attached to "Prospect Inbox" which has a chat widget on all pages except "support" and "knowledgebase".
    • Only "Sales Team" is assigned to this Conversation Inbox.
  • is attached to "Support Inbox" which has a chat widget on just the "support" page and "knowledgebase"
    • Only "Support Team" is assigned to this Conversation Inbox.


If a visitor engages the chat looking for support on the homepage it will go into the "Prospect Inbox". I would like a way for the "Sales Team" to flag this and send it over to the "Support Inbox" so that the "Support Team" can service the visitor.



1)What is your current goal and what is the roadblock that is stopping you from carrying it out? I want be able to organize teams to focus on certain chats and have a team leader be able to overview just the chats that pertain to his/her team. Currently, a Team not assigned to a Conversation Inbox does cannot see the chats nor be assigned to a chat within that Inbox.
2) What is your proposed solution and how would it add value to the tool? Make it so at minimum a team leader can route the chat to another inbox.
3) Do you have any examples of other software apps that have this functionality? Similar to how you can send tickets between Ticket Pipelines currently in Hubspot.
4) What package are you currently on?s Pro Plan

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I second this as I want to use chat as a sopport tool. Today I might be a show stopper for us if no routing berween inboxes can be done... Did you ever get any replies to your questions or fins any temp solutions?

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We would also like this feature. Building in a workaround with current functionality seems to always require access to all inboxes, which is not ideal at scale.

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It would be very useful because, as mentioned in the original idea, many businesses need conversations between trays to be transferred because the process requires it.

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We really need this!