Tracking time in HubSpot Projects


We´re currently considering stop using TeamWork since HubSpot has its own project management tool. But we´re finding it difficult due to the lack of a built-in time tracker.

So I wonder if HubSpot have thought about implementing some kind of time tracking functionality on the projects tool. And, in the meanwhile, I wonder if is there any API integration or way to link tasks from HubSpot Projects to a time tracking app like Harvest or similar app.


Thanks in adavance.


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I would love this functionality to be added so we can stop using Wrike.

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I'd love this to so I continue to have everything in one place.

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I agree. We currently are using TW to track our time but it would be so great if we could track time on tasks directly within HubSpot's task system. Please please add a timer within the tasks section! 🙂 

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 Great Idea. Should anyone have any news or recent feedback on this topic please post it here, I would love to see this implemented

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Has anyone had any updates to this? 

I'm currently looking to move from Jira (which I integrate Toggle) to Project in Hubspot but need a time tracker.



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Yes Please (both for time tracking and Projects API)! This would solve a big issue for us 🙂

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Big upvote from our team in Germany.


We would like to track time, not just on projects, but on the Company-level. We have tiers of customers that receive different engagement from our support and success teams. The ability to track time would allow us to see which customers of ours by type, geography, and products require the most support. This also affects our ability to upsell premium support.

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Definitely a missing feature currently!

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I would love this, too!
Also – we get quite a few complaints from prospects missing exactly this built in time tracking.


Would be a huge improvement!

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Would love the ability for team members to log into a deal and track their time worked on it.