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Tracking error HubSpot and GDN

We've been dealing with a tracking challenge for a while now that we've come across in connection with HubSpot and GDN.


It is about the following contact tracking errors we receive in HubSpot:


GDN Tracking error HubSpot.png


All four Google Ads accounts are connected to SA360, which automatically stores a tracking template at account level. Here the problem arises that the HubSpot parameters are overwritten by the SA360 tracking template after a short time.


After much trial and error, we have not been successful in fixing the tracking issue. After consultation with the HubSpot Support, HubSpot does not currently offer a solution here. Various instructions (e.g.: did not work either and everything is overwritten again by SA360 (Clickserve).


Thanks for upvoting and finding a solution 🙂


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This would be very useful! I assume that there are many advertiser who work with SA360 and HubSpot.


This ist a very important function for us. Please look for a solution very soon.


Hope you can prioritize this matter.