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Tracking and Logging Emails Mobile Devices (iOS and Android)

Can we can an update on email tracking / logging when emails are sent from mobile devices? I've come across several posts, as far back as 2016 saying its been a feature request, but it looks like this is still not supported. Almost all of our sales reps work off mobile devices, being able to track and log emails would be extermely benificial. 


Link to old posts for refrence:

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Hi @midboez 


If you use our app Threads to track and log your emails in HubSpot it will also pick up emails sent from mobile devices. You can find us on the HubSpot App Marketplace. 






@PamCotton I have a hard time believing that HubSpot cannot log emails sent from mobile devices without BCCing some obscure email address!? This is table stakes for modern CRMs. Not to get technical, but you have IMAP access. Why not just use that to capture sent emails in the background the same way you grab inbound emails? This is how other CRMs handle it and it works well. 


Hi HubSpot Support Team - Manually adding the bcc address is very cumbersome for heavy mobile email users.  Our CEO sends 300 or more emails a day.  We don’t find it to be a good or effective use of her time to  manually add the BCC to each emails.  Please advise if there is another solution to log emails sent from a mobile device.


Hey Hubspot Team,


Has this issue been solved already or are you still working on it? Our CEO constantly writes 30-40% of his emails from mobile (Gmail app) and these emails are not logged into Hubspot consistently. It would be great to fix that.




Has there been a resolution on this? My sales team regularly sends emails from gmail on their phones.

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Hello @MCallies, thank you for sharing your feedback. Currently the workaround is  when you send an email from your phone, you can add the BCC address to the BCC line of the email. The email content will be automatically recorded on the contact's record in HubSpot. In order to find this address:


  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon in the main navigation bar.

  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Objects > Activities.

  • Click the Email Logging tab.

  • To the right of the BCC Address field, click Copy.

I would also recommend upvoting this very similar request in our Ideas Forum.





Thanks. But the big problem with that is getting someone to consistently do that. If someone already isn't using the hubspot app to send their emails, they're not going to spend the time BCCing anyone. I'm actually surprised that they haven't updated this yet. It seems like a function that every sales team would use.


Hey @PamCotton and anybody from Hubspot team who is reading this, practically every message is saying the same thing. People badly want this feature, and for each message, since 2021, your reply is identical: "upvote" and nothing is done. So after 2 years the answer is crickets for a feature that people badly want and for a feature whose absence is terribly inconvenient. This kind of product management is frustrating. Feel free to share this with your PMs.


I agree this feature needs to be implemented, its crucial!


Ha I knew this would be the answer from HubSpot.  Can't be done and just upvote suggestion.  There's so many things up Scott can do but there are also so so many basic fundamental things that they can't do or that they make only available in Enterprise level subscriptions....and they REQUIRE you to buy 10 enterprise salws subscriptions minimum even though we only have 3 sales people.  


Logging emails from mobile devices is CRM 101.  There is no excuse for this.  I have been facing a dozen other things like this with HubSpot.  Considering they just auto renewed me for another year to the time of 5 figures....yet I can see emails sent from simply ridiculous.


I have just about had it....I think it's time for me to start exploring other options.  


We need this as well.