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Tracking Ownership Changes in a Report

Is there a way to track changes in ownership for a deal or contact (lead) in a report?


For example - we have some leads that get nurtured by one user before being turned over to another.


Or as posted previously:

"...when a sales team member leaves, we reassign those contacts to another team member. I would like to create a report that shows how many contacts/deals have changed ownership recently and which contacts/deals they are."


If there's no perfect way to do this, could we at least create a custom property and do some rudimentary tracking?

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This is a really important requirment for my company too and I believe it could be useful for any company where there are different email markeitng and sales team (quite possibly almost every company). 

In my company as well, contacts are nurtured by marketing team and then quailified and passed onto the sales team. We want to keep a track of how many contacts are being assigned to different teams each month. This is a very crucial thing to track. Please share a solution to this! 


We are looking for this functionality in our organisation too!!


I would also like to be able to track who owned what company at what time.  Ie when did account x be passed to Sales Person y.  For similar reasons to those others have listed above.


+1. I am also looking for a way to generate a report that shows companies reps have added and removed their names from each week. Finding this data very difficult to come by in a list or a report.


Even if it wasn't reportable, it would at least be helpful to see an Ownership change as an Activity. Of course, a report would be best.


Hi @2chars,


This can be done with 2 custom properties and 2 workflows. I did it for Contacts, but I think you can replicate this for any object that has an Owner property.


Custom properties:

  • Previous Contact Owner (Type: Hubspot User)
  • Copy of Contact Owner (Type: Hubspot User)
    (In the screenshots you'll see that I called the property 'WF - Copy of Contact Owner' to indicate this field is only used for a workflow, but that's just my personal preference.)



  • Workflow 1 copies the value of 'Contact Owner' to 'Copy of Contact Owner' for each new Contact
  • Workflow 2 tiggers when the 'Contact Owner' is changed (event-based), copies the value from 'Copy of Contact Owner' into 'Previous Contact Owner' and then the value from 'Contact Owner' into 'Copy of Contact Owner'. 


You can then use the field 'Previous Contact Owner' in a report.


Hope this helps!


Best, Ruurd


Workflow 1Workflow 1Workflow 2Workflow 2

Thank you for your help. This is great.